We offer discounted services in the interest of paying the debt we owe to the people who serve, and help rebuild our once torn and divided American nation. Click on the appropriate link below.

Service Members

  The freedoms we enjoy today, we enjoy solely as a result of the efforts of those who serve. Actively now you place your life on the line for us this is one way to say thank you.
  We are honored to do our best to serve you. The discounts and services will always be offered to YOU, our American heroes. Recognizing your families serve alongside you, we extend this discount to your spouse and dependent children. When you are away they are safe here. Please have your military identification for discounts.
  In the upcoming months another website will be launched in honor of you, our American heroes.


First Responders

  Like our armed forces, first responders give selflessly every day. Now we say thank-you.
  Whether faced with a house fire, unresponsive person, or home invasion; we recognize you are a phone call away. We are happy to thank you for your willingness to help others, and put the best interest of society before self. THANK-YOU. Please ask for your discount and show your credentials.


  You built the nation we work in today. We recognize your contributions, and thank you for the road you have paved for us to do our daily diligence. It is our pleasure to help you when you need us. You have already served our nation, now let us serve you. We recognize you may have a set income, and we are willing to help you anyway we can. Ask for your discount or what free service we offer to you.



  You, are the independent threads that will weave the future of this nation. We have a direct interest in helping you along the way. Your desire to better yourself, share your talents, and reshape the way a nation does business; is what puts you on this list. It is your education, that the future of America hinges. Thank-you for staying at task. Please show your student I.D. for discount.